Hi Bob

I just wanted to echo Eric Dose's recent message of thanks for ACP. Since I got my licence in January I've been getting to grips with the programme at the same time as automating my observatory. The final step was installing drives for my dome and shutter, so the other night as a test I ran a 50 point training script for the pointing model and was delighted when ACP operated flawlessly. It was great watching the scope and dome slew in tandem all over the sky (I could have gone inside for coffee but didn't want to miss anything - sad!). Everything else is tied in and working well - mount, focuser, filter wheel, camera, guider and weather station - all I need now are some clear nights!

Of course, it has not all been plain sailing - like many others I've scratched my head several times trying to figure out stuff like mount flip settings. Oddly, my biggest struggle wasn't with ACP itself, but was getting ACP Planner to work with Starry Night. However I found all the answers I needed in the forum, and in Dick Berg's excellent online Reference Guide.

So, my thanks again for ACP - it's a joy to use - and thanks also to people like Dick who take the time to share their knowledge and experience.

Worksop UK