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    Default Maxim 6.10 freezes after AG image download pics attached

    I wanted to see if I could catch this and I did.
    Maxim 6.10 with ALL multithreading disabled. Including the back round stuff, I inserted the appropriate lines in the setting.txt file
    All goes well until the first AG image is downloded. Also, this is being done via the SX AO and dark frame calibrations were enabled.
    I killed Maxim, before I did though I could see inside task manager that Maxim DL was running. Further when I went to kill MaximDL Task manager said it couldn't kill it because "the program is waiting for in put from you" See pictures
    when I did kill Maxim the only error inside ACP was that the server machine was missing and that Microsft had a VB script error. Sorry last picture taken to late, ACP already attempted to go to the next job. But, the error I saw is as stated.
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