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    Default MSOffice Won't Run Scheduler RunDetailPlotter

    I have been reviewing Scheduler run log information via RunDetailPlotter in order to fine tune data acquisition efficiency. The system is used exclusively for astrophotography (long exposure work) so the graphs don't represent anything spectacular like what you'd expect when acquiring multiple targets via survey work each night. I'd like to know if there is greater documentation available on how to interpret the graphs.

    I have uploaded a sample in word format.

    Is the coverage chart what one would expect?
    The time chart makes no sense at all. Everything is at 00:00. Why is it like this?
    The meridian chart I believe I understand i.e. its shooting both east (-1) and west (1) of the meridian. Raising plan delay is disabled as I need the system to shoot in the east and meridian as the western sky limited to approx 70 degrees in altitude. I believe what I see is consistent with expectations but I have nothing to compare it against.

    The system is kept busy throughout the night so I'm not complaining! I just want to ensure I understand the RunDetailPlotter results so that fine adjustments can be made.

    I think this will be more important once I can manipulate the moon avoidance values to acquire LRGB data based on distance and width. This provides a good segway to other developments.
    Is it possible for the run detail plotter to map;
    • observation start and end times.
    • observation start and end altitude.
    • observations against constraints i.e plot moon distance and width against a observation being ran.

    I hope these make sense.
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