A new rev of CCDNavigator 3.1.7 is now available. It includes the following repairs and enhancements. Item 4 will be of particular interest to ACP Expert users.

  1. Added the Opposition date to the Candidate window tooltips.
  2. Modified "Find" so spaces can be included when searching.
  3. Removed duplicate targets in the Eclipsing Binary Catalog.
  4. Revised Expert Requests so LRGB Requests have a higher priority than NB Requests. Target "Priority" (in the Goals window) is still honored. If all targets are scheduled with the same Target Priority, then all frames will be acquired for all LRGB target requests (for all targets) before any NB frames are acquired. This avoids wasting time on NB frames when conditions are favorable for LRGB. If targets have different Target Priorities, then all frames for all requests (both LRGB and NB) will be acquired for the highest priority target before any other requests are executed.
  5. Repaired a bug in the Lunar Avoidance feature that gave wrong advice on nights when the Moon is above the horizon for the entire session.
  6. Added help file notes on the EB and CV catalogs. These can be found in Help for "Criteria" and then "Catalogs".

Steve Walters