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    Default First ACP-Controlled imaging session: NGC 660

    Hi guys!

    The name's Jonas Grinde, writing from Sweden.
    This my first photo shot using ACP, and also my first image for this season since the summernights at N63 are too bright for imaging

    Long story short, after seeing the scheduler-video from NEAF11 this summer, I decided it'd be epic to be able to fully automate my first & new(ish) observatory (finished february 2012)...
    I bought ACP + Scheduler (+ cloudsensor, all-sky cam, roof-controller & relay-box) in Juli & have spent hours & hours installing trying to learn all the new gear & procedures. In my younger days, I spent all the school-breaks in the skateboard-ramp instead of in the computer-hall(newer thought that'd come bite me in the ass 15 years later), so I had to start from scratch learning how programming works & to write startup/shutdown-scripts , but man, I'm having so much fun with this!

    That's it for the introduction, here's my first image with data shot with acp being controlled through the web-browser! (although not hands-free automated, but I'm slowly getting there)
    It was almost like sci-fi to see acp focus the image, slew to the target, refining the slew so I ended up within 5" (!) of the target coordinates...

    Image-scale: 1.11 arcsec/pixel
    L: 20*5min
    RGB : 3/3/3*5min for R/G/B
    All exposures unguided

    Scope: Skywatcher 190MN (not bad for a 1000 scope)
    Camera: QSI 583 wsg-8
    Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS

    Click here for 100% resolution version of the photo
    , or here for a annotaded version with most of the galaxies named

    Thanks for watching!
    Jonas Grinde
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