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    Default Horsehead with hobbled one-meter

    We haven't quite got all the ASCOM drivers written yet (Thorsten is programming as fast as he can...), but we have started taking some images with the Tzec Maun one-meter scope. Granted, we have major issues with the primary supports (we're currently at 1.5 waves, for those keeping score), but, well, one meter is a lot of aperture and even as hobbled as it is, a little deconvolution helps out quite a bit.

    Currently, we have a dome driver, a scope driver, and the camera (Pixis 2048 from Princeton Instruments) can use MaxIm's Roper driver. Thorsten has untested final versions of rotator and filter wheel drivers, and is working on the last one before we put ACP to a full test on the big scope - focuser.

    So consider this a preview of future magic with ACP. Stack of 11 3-minute images, red filter, 50% of full size. Processing in PixInsight.
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    Ron Wodaski
    Tzec Maun Foudation



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