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    Default Two deep images from the southern skies

    Hi to all, this is my first post in this section. After having spent lot of time of posting questions or asking help for problems, it is time also to show that my observatory is producing something

    Here are a couple of objects I imaged since I installed ACP in my observatory located in Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia. Info on the observatory and many other pictures (including full res zoomify versions) are visible at my homepage at

    The first object is NGC6188 in ARA, fascinating because its dark lanes and the faint OIII bubble surrounding the nearby NGC6164. This is a classical HaOIII RGB composition with a total exposure of more than 17 hours totally automated by ACP during several nights (related page with more details at

    The second one is a very seldom imaged object in Canis Major, Sharpless 308.
    Despite this nebula is a giant bubble larger than the full Moon and very conveniently located for southern observers (it passes almost at the zenith), I surprisingly found very little images around. Even in this case this is a HaOIIIRGB composition with a total exposure of more than 15 hours on several nights (related page with more details at

    I hope you will like them

    Clear Skies
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    Hi Marco

    Wow! Wonderful images
    I particularly like the one of Sharpless 308 - I've not seen any images of that before.
    Surprising, as the nebula is a wonderful, diffuse 'bubble' shape.

    Thanks for sharing your images.

    By the way, I had a look at your web site. You've got a great (and truly 'remote') observing site. And you've got some spectacular images too - I really like the one of The Pleiades

    Look like you're all setup to have fun now!

    Russell Archer
    LX200 ACF 12in, SXVR-H9, SX AO-LF, SX Lodestar, SX FW

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    Marco --

    I am amazed at that Sharpless 308 image as well. The detail is fantastic and so are the faint red patches nearby. Stunning!!!
    -- Bob



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