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    Ok, so I decided to publish my "final" version.

    This is an RGB where I added the R as an L. In other words, it's an L(R)RGB image. I found the luminance taken through the clear filter didn't add much to the image and tended to mute the colors a bit. By adding the R as an L (at 75%), it emphasizes the red components some, but not so much that it takes away from the overall image. The straight RGB probably has a more ghostly-looking blue in the nebula, but lacks some of the detail brought out by the R used as an L. In the end, the image is a compromise between showing some of the detail and providing an impactful overall feel.

    The brightest stars have a halo around them. This is an artifact from my ST8e (reflections off the chip protector plate). The star spikes were added to de-emphasize the halo artifacts.

    Thanks to Russ Archer who provided feedback on a number of interim versions on the way to producing this "final" one.

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