Hello all,

I'm lurking in the background just trying to learn all I can about ACP in advance of a new mount & camera due in about a month or so. I'm trying to avoid installing anything until the new mount/camera comes in so I have plenty of time with a demo license to make sure my equipment will work with ACP. Is there a link to the API documentation for Scheduler outside of the install package? Alternatively, is there already a hook into clear sky chart data for Scheduler?

Also, in a few threads I saw Bob mention some frustrations with Gemini in the past - I'm wondering if there is a list of issues/resolutions for that controller that someone could point me to? I've ordered a Gemini 2, so there may be even more issues with that model since the firmware is still in beta. I'm thinking something along the lines of a 'lessons learned' with the previous Gemini may be a good place for me to start.

Thanks in advance,