I am interested in getting the Microsoft Debugger going so I can think about starting a couple of scripts.

I found Dick's excellent Technical Addendum web page stuff, which has a description of how to install the debugger. Unfortunately, I can't get past step 1 - install the debugger.

I have Microsoft Office 2007. I have done several installs trying to get the debugger installed - the installer thinks it is installed. However, I can't find a file like MSExx.exe on the disk. I kind of think it should be MSE10.exe, but don't see it. The Office programs themselves (Word, Excel, ...) run fine. I also installed a scripting package under Outlook, although I did not install Outlook itself.

I do find a MSE10.hcx, but Windows doesn't know what to do with it.

Does anyone know what the file should be, and how to get it installed?