Hi Folks,
I would like to use a Flatbox to produce flats. I recently installed the trial ACP and see a #domeflats directive in the help, but it does not seem to be implemented (yet?) as planchecker gives me: unrecognized directive: #domeflats, if I try to use it.

Any suggestions how I put the scope in park and take automatic flats with a flatbox?

I am using an AP1200 and parking in position1 (West Side, pointing at N horizon and my flat box screen). This is what I need to do:

1. Park the Scope (this points it at my flat screen)
2. Close the Roof (ASCOM and Foster Systems Hardware)

3. Run a custom *.exe that turns on the flat screen.
4. Take Automatic Flats
5. Run a second *.exe that turns off the flat screen.
6. Take Darks, Bias (these could be before or after all this...)

#shutdown puts the scope in the correct position, but it also turns off the camera etc.

How would you do this? Am I missing something? I can do some basic scripting (js and vbscript).