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Hi Mike,

Wow! What a great piece of work!! Thank - you. I've been using if for only two days and already don't know how I got along without it!
Thanks, George. I'm finding it very useful myself. I see Bob created a whole category for Planalyzer -- I'm flattered.

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One minor issue:

The "Analysis Pane" doesn't seem to accurately know the length of the Planalyzer Window. With the scroll thumb at the very bottom there are entries further down that are not visible. Resizing the Planalyzer window by dragging the bottom edge upward results in more entries not being visible.[/quote]

Try the latest version http://astronomy.mdodd.com/planalyzer.html I modified the scroll bar's behavior to consider the number of exposures in the list and the window height.

Happy New Year, everyone.