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Good job, Mike.

One thing that would be a good enhancement would be to be able to widen, or especially lengthen, the application's window. My screen is tall and I use a pretty high resolution, so if I could make the window taller, my plan would in many cases fit in one screen without scrolling. I'm not suggesting you eliminate the scroll bar. But if a user could have a variable sized window, then the plan frame and the scrolling time frame could also be longer.
Done. Resizing is most useful vertically. The exposure list and plan window increase in height, and the plan-end clock at the bottom moves with the increased height. The scrollbar disappears if all the exposures fit in the list. Horizontal resizing does nothing except widen the main window. The exposure list does not get wider, nor do the exposures in the list.

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Two small problems?:

I for me that when I load the profile, I don't get the right filters. I load the "Active Profile" - see PlanZ.png.

Also, having loaded a profile, if I try to load a profile again, I get an unhandled exception error - see UnHanEx.png
I believe your incorrect filters were coming from presets in the profile. Planalyzer did not correctly recognize these presets, and grabbed the filter definitions wherever it found them. All the properties go into a hash table, so probably (I'm guessing) the first 10 filter values in the hash table were displayed. I didn't see a preset in your profile that had that combination of filters, but they are all in there in various places.

I modified Planalyzer to skip over everything in the profile presets section.

The unhandled exception was due to an incorrectly-initialized DateTime object when a profile was loaded a second time. Planalyzer was trying to subtract the UTC offset from the earliest possible date a DateTime can hold.

This bug has been corrected as well.

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback.