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Mike, good job again. You just can't keep a software engineer down! I've added a link to your website in my Reference Guide, and finally posted it.
Thanks, Dick.

I'm beginning to appreciate the benefits of knowing an accurate plan run-time. Last night ACP didn't start my plan correctly -- it bypassed the target and went immediately to the dark frames. It was 15 minutes before I finally discovered and fixed the typo in the plan, , so I had to quickly time-fit the number of exposures to meet a hard behind-the-tree deadline. I did this in Planalyzer in less than a minute.

Also, my confidence in Planalyzer's accuracy is growing. It said that last night's plan would run for 03:24:04, and using the log analyzer this morning showed it really took 03:24:06 -- only two seconds difference.

Earlier I had discovered that my pointing update time in Planner was set too short. So I changed it to what Planalyzer's log analyzer said it really was, and now Planalyzer's calculated plan duration closely matches the log.

I'm really pleased with Planalyzer.