I have managed to corrupt my ACP installation.
I was trying to do what Afesan was attempting, i.e. launch a script from a UPS to interact with ACP, but it has gone horribly wrong! Fortunately it's on my pc I use for testing, not my observatory one so I can carry on observing but would like to get this installation fixed.

When I try and run any sort of a plan I get the following error:
There is a problem with the script support library:
If the above error message is not an obvious clue, contact
DC-3 Dreams customer support on the Comm Center.

I have reinstalled ACP and also run the repair on ASCOM but to no avail.
If I turn on the debugging I get a Windows Script Component pop-up refering to AcquireSupport.wsc "Cannot add reference: {.............}".

Any ideas please.
Mike Beales.