The key bit of information in this log is coming from the Telescope/Mount Control System:

12:41:03 Controls created on one thread cannot be parented to a control on a different thread.
I don't know what this means or how the condition could arise. It appears to be a bug in C#/VB.NET where user interface controls are cross-threaded, which is illegal and needs to be specifically handled in code. A common coding error which produces unreliability (won't always fail). I don't see the mount control software being started before trying to connect. I have seen (for example) that relying on Connected = True to have Windows auto-start TheSky trigger a bug in TheSky causing the connect to fail. Starting TheSky before connecting, and then waiting a few seconds, then setting Connected = True, was reliable. I believe Bisque have fixed this.

Since ASCOM is universal I can't tell what mount you have from the start log. Perhaps add code to specifically start the mount control software, then a few seconds wait, then setting Connected = True... Or contact the mount control makers and report the bug. Maybe they have a newer version.