I did it and it's solving here fine. Also the simulated image is fine. I can't say why it wasn't solving there on the simulated images :-(

Plate-solve final image
4262 image stars found
11568 catalog stars found
Solved! 268 stars matched.
Average residual is 1.01 arcsec.
Pointing error is 0.039 arcmin @ angle 211.34
True focal length is 780.0 mm.
True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 2.38 V = 2.38

True image center (J2000): 01h 34m 55.9s 45 12' 31.98"
Imager sky position angle is 0.0 deg.
(turning tracking off for safety)

I looked at that thumbnail and thought it was "salt and pepper noise" but it was late in the day I guess. With the 3 deg field, it is just a hell of a lot of stars.

You should be able to turn final image plate Solving (General tab) back on.