Maybe we need to do a quick Webex?
I have some free time tomorrow.
That's going to prolong the inevitable. I'm the wrong guy. This is above my pay grade. I'm not getting the list of ReadoutModes (any more, they were there before). This will need to be solved most likely by FLI (since we saw those ReadoutModes at one point and your version of MaxIm hasn't changed). This time I don't want to custom patch your software with a fake list or whatever. I have a policy that I sidestepped once for you (against my judgement ha ha). I don't compensate for problems in other peoples' software or hardware. If I did, my software would be rife with trash or I'd have zillions of "variations" out there that people would forget about.... end result... I would be responsible for others' bugs. One of my survival skills.

Policy for Working Around Device Errors, Quirks, and Limitations