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    Default Problem caused by damaged ASCOM platform.

    This problem appeared to be caused by a damaged ASCOM platform driver/profile store.

    Uninstalling the Pulsar ASCOM driver, verifying that it was removed in Windows, the ASCOM profile explorer and the ASCOM driver folder and re-installing the driver still prompted the error screen whenever the driver settings dialogue was invoked.

    A standard ASCOM platform uninstall - re-install also failed to fix the problem and a full platform clean-removal using the special tool on the ASCOM developers website was needed.

    After a fresh ASCOM platform and Pulsar ASCOM dome driver installation the problem was resolved and the normal settings dialogue could be invoked (com port number and advanced settings).

    With the ASCOM platform clean uninstall - re-install Nick now has to re-install all his ASCOM device drivers and reconfigure their associated settings in each of his astronomy applications.
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