Hello--Got this filter error last night for a new plan--got the same error for an old plan that has run several times. The log is also below:

Imaging to 20210226_Plan HD143352_015sec_V_001_2459272_094708
**Bad filter number 13, returning D.
Switching from D to V filter for imaging
Subscript out of range: 'Util.ScriptCamera.Filter'

I did a resubmit and the next plan: ACP Says:

Status: Failed
Subscript out of range: 'Util.ScriptCamera.Filter'

This is the log from the original error:

ACP console log opened 27-Feb-2021 05:00:04 UTC
This is ACP version 8.2 (build 6, V8.2 Pre-Release)
Licensed to Gary E Walker
05:00:04 This is AcquireScheduler V8.2.5
05:00:04 Custom image file path/names are in use
05:00:05 Initializing AcquireSupport V8.2.7
05:00:05 Weather safe, server is SRO Roof Status & Weather System
05:00:05 Telescope is ACP->PlaneWave CDK 20 0.5m f/6.8, driver V3
05:00:06 MaxIm DL is version 6.16
05:00:06 Imager is ASCOM
05:00:06 Using focus offsets and star mags from FilterInfo.txt
05:00:06 Selecting filter SI from previous ACP run at 20210226@141220 UTC
05:00:06 Autoguiding is disabled
05:00:06 Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0.66 V = 0.66
05:00:06 Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 22.4 V = 22.4
05:00:06 Plate solving with UCAC4 (questionable for pointing)
05:00:06 Scope cannot be synced, so all-sky solving is not useful
05:00:06 ACPS Observation Obs EP Aur(1 of 1)
05:00:06 (belongs to Project Project GW EP Aur, Plan Plan EP Aur)
05:00:06 (turning on sidereal tracking)
05:00:06 Pointing Updates are disabled
05:00:06 (final image plate solving is disabled)
05:00:06 Start slew to Obs EP Aur...
05:00:07 (wait for slew to complete)
05:00:22 (slew complete)
05:00:22 Imaging to 20210226_Plan EP Aur_120sec_B_001_2459272_050022
05:00:22 **Bad filter number 13, returning D.
05:00:22 Switching from D to B filter for imaging
05:00:22 Subscript out of range: 'Util.ScriptCamera.Filter'
ACP console log closed 27-Feb-2021 05:00:22 UTC

This plan is using BVRI and Clear, same ones as I have used for several years. I did change the autoflat script to use SI instead of Exo for a flat in the morning. Other than that, ran fine for the past
couple days.