Hey guys I'm running an FLI Centerline Filter Wheel (FLI CLI-10 CFW) I have 7 filters installed in it and I have the filter wheel set to FLI and it shows up as flifil0 (zero). I had to go through the filters one at a time and test to see what location they are in when I set it up. I finally figured them out and they all seem to work fine from inside MaximDL.
But trying to get ACP setup and running we found a problem where the Start button on the camera window in Maxim gets stuck disabled and the ACP script fails when it calls a filter change.
Any idea's? Do I have something set up wrong?

I'm running MaximDL 6.26
The filters show up in slots
L - 2
R - 3
G - 4
B - 5
Ha - 6
OIII - 11
SII - 16

Thanks Rich