Hi Bob

Last night, I was very ambitious and I wanted to make flats for all my filters in the catalog (9). However, I got an error message (below).

ACP console log opened 15-Feb-2021 17:02:53 UTC
This is ACP version 8.3 (build 1, Release 8.3)
Licensed to Stéphane Basa
17:02:53 This is AutoFlat version 8.3.1
17:02:53 Using flat plan last-flats-from-web.txt
17:02:53 Starting dusk flats. Low Sun at 6:52:05 PM
17:02:53 Starting flat field acquisition.
17:02:53 Flats will be acquired with 2.0 MHz readout mode
17:02:54 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
17:02:55 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
17:02:55 Message: Subscript out of range: '[number: 1]'
17:02:55 Location: line 943 column 9.
ACP console log closed 15-Feb-2021 17:02:56 UTC

I have the impression that this is related to the fact that I was asking for too many filters and after several attempts and combinations, if I take one less, it works (see for example the plan that worked very well).

; Flat plan by IRiS, created Mon, 15 Feb 2021 17:03:11 UTC
10,SDSS z,1
10,SDSS i,1
10,SDSS r,1
10,SDSS g,1
10,SDSS u,1

Can you tell me what you think? In fact I looked at the code, but I admit I don't have the courage and time to look at it in detail.

Thanks for your lights