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    I hadn't been back since the new posts. I found another solution. Not sure if it uses more/less bandwidth than ngronk.

    Situation: I still need to remote connect and administer the observatory computer, when required. Rather than using teamviewer, I moved over to Anydesk. Anydesk has a tunnelling capability. Now this solution works good for one remote user, it will not work if you have multiple users because you are providing full access to the console/keyboard on the remote observatory computer.

    - installed anydesk on the observatory computer and my local computer.
    - Make a connection to the observatory computer using anydesk.
    - using the actions icon on the anydesk interface, select Setup TCP tunnelling option.

    - click on add tunnel and configure local port - port you will use on your computer (my case I use 8080), remote host(observatory computer) just needs localhost and the remote port that you setup for ACP webservice (my case I use 8080).

    Now I can just minimise anydesk so that I am not doing anything special with all the graphic updates and hopefully reduce screen update traffic.
    Launch web browser as before but change mysky address to localhost. Since I am using the same port as with the mysky no-ip DDNS route everything works. The only thing is ACP web interface will pop up a warning that you are appear to be running this locally and that is not recommended as there are other preffered methods.....That would be using mysky and no-ip, which doesn't work in this case.

    Now with one application, I can remote admin the site computer, when needed, and I can run all the ACP web interfaces. I only need to create the tunnel once.
    All subsequent connections the tunnel is already configured. So process is just two step, launch anydesk, launch web browser.


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    OK, rather clever Todd!! The only thing you lose is the ability to have your users log in with their own account and keep their images separate, allow their own delivery folder/naming, etc. if I understand you. Your web UI is running with full access to the entire computer as it thinks you are in the observatory. Data goes into the "real My Documents or via the Observatory Operator's file/folder renaming templates. That's why it won't ask you to log into ACP.
    -- Bob

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    Thanks for the clarification on using localhost. The issue might be a mute point dependant on how a person sets the remote control preferences in Anydesk.
    It made me think when I connect from any computer on the observatory network I am prompted for the username and address. Therefore I thought, what if I just change the tunnel from using localhost to the computer IP network IP address? It would not know if it ran internally or came from another computer on the network.... It worked!

    Running the tunnel using the observatory computer IP address rather than localhost, provided the ACP login prompt.

    Remember by connecting in with anydesk the screen and keyboard are set as active.
    Therefore If a person removes remote control on the observatory computer in the Anydesk preferences then configures the tunnel with the observatory computer NIC IP address, you gain back user login control. In order for this to remain reliable, the observatory computer has to be set to a static IP address on the observatory network.

    There are definite pros and cons to this approach. Either way it now allows me to run the ACP interface direct rather than using screen mirroring method. I think that if a person had multiple users the ngrok would offer a better solution.




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