I believe this issue is or will be happening more and more. We changed internet service providers in the rural area for the Cell modem. In the past this hasn't been a problem because we would just go onto the Cell modem and enable port forwarding and the NO-IP would route across. The problem now is that the new provider uses double NAT.... Meaning the public IP is at their central office or Cell repeater and then our modem is assigned a private 10.x.x.x ip assignment. The cell modem then assigns an IP in 192.168.1.x so ACP runs on second IP or double NAT assignment. We enable IP forwarding from the 10.x to the 192 subnet, but we do not have access to enable port forwarding on the IP provider. The cell provider will not enable any port on the private LAN side to the Cell phone modems. because our IP is not static and it is a private IP. It is all about the fact that there are basically no more IPV4 available for static IP's. With all the cell modems and cell phones it causes the same thing. Has anyone one come up with a new way to gain web access to ACP? Is this something that more people will be faced when purchasing ACP, that the only way to use it will be through a VNC or teamviewer access?