I'm evaluating ACP Expert for use at my setup at New Mexico Skies... currently working on setting up where files go and how they are named. A few problems I've encountered...

The substitution fields in the example files (e.g., Sample-ImageFileConfig.txt) don't seem to match those listed in the help file. For example, the example file says binning can be added to the file name using $IMGBIN, but the help file says $BINNING. The latter seems to work. Not a biggie, but it took me some time with trial-and-error to figure it out. Maybe the example config files are out of date?

Second thing is the temperature field, $TEMP. It seems to do a floor() operation to truncate the temperature instead of round(). So if I have the cooler set at 0, for example, about half of the files will have "0" and the other ~half will have "-1" as the CCD temperature varies infinitesimally around 0.

Third thing is I'm trying to figure out how the project/plan/observation names in scheduler correlate to file naming fields. There is a $TGTNAME field, for example, but I can't tell if that will drop in the observation name, the plan name, or what. I can of course figure this out by trial-and-error as well, but I'd like to get it right the first time and not have to futz with it.

Last is a question (sorry for piling so many things in one thread). I'm running remotely and intend to use a file syncing facility to reflect the images to my local machine. NMSkies has a limited-bandwidth connection, and I want to be a good citizen and not hog it by syncing continuously as exposures are taken. My manual procedure is to store the files only locally at first, wait until morning, then log in and zip up all of the data from the previous night and move it to a folder that is synced. Is there a convenient way to get ACP or scheduler to call a script file that I write that will automate this at the end of the night?