First -- I can't find the right place for this question.

I look under the premium Support for licensed users, and there is nothing there; no threads, no questions, no replies, no nuthin. WHA?!?. I haven't been here in a year or more, so maybe I just don't remember how to navigate. Sure isn't easy to find things here.

We've been using PinPoint for 8 years -- ACP Expert 8 license, current, I believe (???) though we are no longer using ACP for telescope control. A few years ago I loaded the entire UCAC4 onto our hard drive (upgrade from GSC 1.1 we used to use), but now I'm unable to plate solve against either one of them.

However, PinPoint, as an add-on to MaxIm DL is essential to my work. About 4 months ago (?) is suddenly stopped working, and began throwing error messages that our license had expired. No warnings, no urgent e-mails, just POOF!and it was gone.

I'm without a clue how to get back up and running. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you kindly,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT
Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation
Peacham, VT