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    I just ordered, and let me say what a nightmare, one of these. Finally gets here, NO POWER cable. Uses some type of odd ball plug, no part number, no schematic. I call and they tell me, right, you should have ordered a power adapter, ya know 2 grand for our product wasn't enough. They want 60 bucks for a cable, no cube just a cable, which I'd have to wait THREE WEEKS to get. Wouldn't provide data to fix my problem. Have NO ASCOM drivers but "they are coming" ya know like the power cable. 2 grand, and I have a brick.

    Oh they mis labeled their HDMI port as an HDMI port its not. Its a Display port, I wonder how many people know the difference?

    They have a mystery port on the side with the antennas next to the USB 3.0 port, no one here can ID it. Its not labeled on the cartoon picture they provide.....

    Oh one other nice little issue, the INPUT 16 amp and the OUTPUT 8 amp outlet are right next to each other and use the IDENTICAL plug...whatever that is.....what could possibly go wrong at three am, in the cold with some fatigue, darkness bugs....

    I've been back and forth with them for THREE weeks trying to get cables, data advice run don't walk away....

    and I NEVER post like this but this situation is beyond the pale.

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