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    Default odd behaviour with flip-fats after flat run

    Flagging what may be a glitch.
    when I start from a position of flip flat being closed and run a "standard flats" program from acp web interface, when the flats have all been taken the system opens and leaves open the flip flat.

    is there a way to prevent this when i want to walk away and know that the scope will be covered at all times?

    one other comment on the process here - when trying to take a flat run of V filter, the starting point is 50 seconds, with 5 or 6 iterations before the system alights on an optimal 1.5 second - there is about 4 minutes downtime for all these wasted exposures and i wondered if this is set in stone or is there ohm intelligence in the system that should be able to spot that broadband flats will be a matter of a few seconds each...?

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    please disregard the second comment - it was dealt with in the acp8 upgrade and i was running 7...
    pols for the false flag there...

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    i've now dealt with the opening issue through simple removal of an "O" i didn't realise was in the autoflatconfig file.
    i did try a few runs of acquiring a single flat to test the new "last exposure time used" feature by each time acp started at 50 secs to arrive eventually below 2.
    i suspect that the full standard flat route might make the shorter exposure times sticky and so am trying that next...
    will advise here if i have success

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    Default still seeing long test times for panel flats

    Continuing my own saga here...
    I am still seeing long exposure times for the initial test exposures even after moving to ACP 8.1.1 notwithstanding the new feature listed as point 20 under product changes in the release notes.
    i attach a log file to show the 50 second test starting point still seems to dominate...
    any advice on this much appreciated,
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    Hi Gavin -- The AutoFlat process is the most magnetic of all for user observations and input. Here is a ticket that includes your suggestion (as #3)

    ACP-1421 - Miscellaneous AutoFlat.vbs Improvements

    as well as this, which is what you're seeing

    ACP-1471 - AutoFlat adjustment dark to light

    These are marked for doing in the next release...
    -- Bob



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