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    Default odd behaviour with flip-fats after flat run

    Flagging what may be a glitch.
    when I start from a position of flip flat being closed and run a "standard flats" program from acp web interface, when the flats have all been taken the system opens and leaves open the flip flat.

    is there a way to prevent this when i want to walk away and know that the scope will be covered at all times?

    one other comment on the process here - when trying to take a flat run of V filter, the starting point is 50 seconds, with 5 or 6 iterations before the system alights on an optimal 1.5 second - there is about 4 minutes downtime for all these wasted exposures and i wondered if this is set in stone or is there ohm intelligence in the system that should be able to spot that broadband flats will be a matter of a few seconds each...?

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