Well suddenly my Roof Controller Has Gone South.

This is the Pier-Tech.

Was working fine for months and roof works fine from the controller box.

It is connected by a real serial port COMM1 (Tried all BAUD rates).

Roof files to open or close from Expert Scheduler Scripts of from ACP Roof Controller.

Expert scheduler errors:

Weather Safety... script initiated (It is cloudy this AM but got similar errors last night during start-up and just turned off the dome/roof in ACP to run)
...scope is connected, parking now
**SHUTTER FAILED TO CLOSE! This is a dome controller problem**
**Error: Shutter error or shutter still in motion**
...scope is parked
Weather Safety...script completed successfully

On ACP the Dome indicator blinks yellows

The ACP Dome Control only gives me the close option (the roof IS closed).

If I push CLOSE I Get "Shutter Error- Do you want to force-close the shutter?"

If I say YES or NO nothing happens.

Ideas appreciated. (Tried previous profile)