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    I updated this message since I was a bit upset at Maxim DL more than I should have been. However, if Maxim DL says your pinpoint has expired you are given the chance to downgrade to LE. I tried that since it kept asking. This does not work because every time I tried it would still ask. When you say don't downgrade, it ask the next time so if you run a start up script it worn't work because you have to answer this question. After doing this a few times, Maxim then expired Pinpoint and it started without asking anymore. Guess way, ACP plate solve fails every single time. I do not have my Pinpoint software because I don't need it. Now what. Reinstall ACP did not fix it.

    ok update. I downloaded installed Pinpoint, crazy, anyway fixed it. Anyone uninstalling old Maxim and installing 6.13 may run into this, for sure if you uninstall 6.12 and install 6.13. I have no idea how stable my system is because I just installed pinpoint and did not enter a license. Bob you may have to log in and see if it is ok.
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