I have been doing this so long you would think i would know better. I save my ACP profile and web code changed. Uninstalled Maxim 6.12 ans installed 6.13. We have found this is more work (uninstalled, remove Maxim DL 6 folder from documents) then restart PC but it seems to work better than just running the update.. So That was done. I did test this on my laptop and sure enough ACP lost the licence but this time it was easier to fix. I did reinstall ACP, not uninstall, and then started ACP. I entered the License and observatory name. Then I loaded the profile, it complained i did not have one but i opened it anyway. I restarted ACP and most everything was there including my web code page changes.

Now the fun. I also install the new Focusmax, 4.28 because I knew there were imrovements in Acquire star. So I tested Maxim after calibrate in the east guiding in the east with pier flip off, then guided in the west with it on. First Boo Boo, I left it checked so guiding was crap in ACP. When I was going to recalibate again, i discovered the mistake so I did not recalibrate

Next mistake, I used biinned 2x2 darks and did not set the guider to 2x2. Need I say more. So now the telescope is happy and guiding is dead on.

FocusMax Acquire star seems faster and working great. Anyway that is my story. Not sure why I jump in hot water so fast when new updates come. I guess I can reverse back and i do like having the latest stuff, crazy, right.