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    Arrow Focus Time Out but focusing has completed


    I watched this happen several times last night. The system would perform a successful focus, and then stop with no activity at all. The system status on the web page was showing a flashing Imager “Autofocus Busy” and Activity “Autofocus”. But the log visible in the web page indicated that focusing had completed. After a while, a * COM FocusControl.Halt initiated * was generated and this was echoed in both the the console window and browser panels. While waiting during the period of not activity, I thought the system froze. At this point, I ran the alert script in an effort to determine if the system had become unresponsive. You can see this event at 09:50:29 in the attached log file.

    The 09:50:29 == Alert == This has no effect on this script

    When the “* COM FocusControl.Halt initiated *” was generated, the system would continue.

    Changes to system – update to latest focusMax.

    I also seem to have platesolving issues as well.

    This is another observation, same issue, the web page showed the flowing at the end of its log:

    09:43:55 19:43:55 Position = 6583 Avg HFD = 2.65 Avg FWHM = 1.87
    09:43:56 19:43:55 Temperature: 8.8 Filter: Lum (slot 4)
    09:43:56 19:43:56 ** AutoFocus Completed **
    09:43:56 19:43:56 Focus time: 194 sec
    But within the ACP console, the following was were missing.

    09:43:56 19:43:56 ** AutoFocus Completed **
    09:43:56 19:43:56 Focus time: 194 sec
    They only appeared in the console log after the “* COM FocusControl.Halt initiated *” was generated, and the system continued with the plan.

    I also opened the log file during one of the pauses, and the lines noted above were not in the log at that time. However, they were written once the “* COM FocusControl.Halt initiated *” was generated.

    I was working on guiding, and the test imaging run was invoked via ”Single Object Imaging” / Colour Series from the web browser. I stopped the session (reason for abrupt ending of log file).

    Attached Files Attached Files

    A few astropics:

    RCOS 10” Military Ruggedized - fl 9.1
    Astro-Physics 900GTO
    SBIG STL-11000M / OA-L
    FLI Filterwheel
    ScopeDome 3 Meter
    AAG Cloudsensor



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