I am a new ACP/ACP Planner user. I am converting from CCDAutopilot, thus my questions are related to my experience with CCDAP.

  1. Can ACP Planner be configured to include such directives as #SHUTDOWN and #WAITUNTIL or do they have to added manually to the plan?
    1. Many of the ACP sample plans are quite complex. Am I correct to assume that these plans must be created manually?
  2. When ACE executes a plan how can I display a summary of specific observing run information such as:
    1. Time imaging will begin (assuming a #WAITUNTIL directive has been included)
    2. Image capture status. Number of frames captured/number remaining etc.
    3. Time of meridian flip. My past experience with meridian flips has been problematic at best, thus I a very gun-shy of this event
    4. Time imaging will end
  3. Can ACP be configured to send errors via text message?
  4. The ACP "Console output" produces a rapid fire series of actions. Can the output be configured to reduce the number and/or type of actions that are sent to the console?

I suspect that as gain experience I will discover the ACP functionality that replaces that of CCDAP that I have come to rely on.

Thank you

Jerry K