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    Default Infrequent plate solves

    How do I increase the likelihood of a successful plate solve? I am using usno 2.0
    VPhot i AAVSO will not process those images. Some are plate solved and show WCS but more do not.
    Marlin Costello

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    Without more info I can't solve this. Can you attach a log of one of your runs that has solve failures?
    -- Bob

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    As Bob stated, not much info here. However things to consider.

    In most cases the GSC 1.1 works fine
    You need to have enough stars to plate solve which sounds like the issue.
    Get a free account and upload the image to
    Bin your images to get more stars and take longer exposures. A dark may be required but not usually
    Does the all sky plate solve work

    What is your optical system and CCD you are using. Also what catalog are you using. Make sure the Focal Length is right on, that is important.
    Attach a image that is failing.
    Dean Salman
    Deep Sky Remote Observatory



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