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    Thumbs up Observatory under ACP

    G'day Bob and others online - I thought I'd just drop a quick line to say how tremendous it is to do the things I want to do in the observatory - that is take images/photometry and various other PRO/AM projects - I have been achieving nearly 100% reliability and repeat-ability with ACP and underlying software for nearly a year now - with minimal hiccups prior to this period - having kids and full time work, ACP is allowing me to NOT spend 100% of my spare time at the 'scope - many thanks Bob (and of course the other developers!)

    ACP 8 release 1
    Ascom 6.1
    MaximDL 6.12/QSI683ws/Orion Starshoot autoguider
    The SkyX running Software Bisque's Paramount MX
    FocusMax 4/Moonlite Focuser

    ... Now if I could find funds for Scheduler!

    cheers, Merv

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    Thank you so much Merv!! Our job is mostly "no news is good news" so an explicit thank you is MOST appreciated. Continue to enjoy...
    -- Bob



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