The Lunatics are apparently trying to fix bugs with this version, but it seems their data file AAG_CCDAP4 is now a bit flaky, and have the below on their software page:

  • Patch to fix some issues with the AAG_CCDAP4.dat file and some third party programs; now it works with Chris Rowland's ASCOM safety monitor driver and CCDCommander remote mode - download and replace your current AAG_CloudWatcher.exe file. Also needed for our own safety monitor driver (see above).
What the hell does that mean? The AAG's sole purpose is to broadcast to third party programs and hardware? This seems very bad to have such an optional patch.

Trying to get a grip of ACP yet other 3rd party keeps screwing up their software/ hardware! The STXL is my main problem, but now the AAG Cloudwatcher appears to be providing a poor weather data file:


The above was captured during heavy patchy cloud. ACP should have had the data file telling it that it was unsafe, but it opened the dome after it closed on the hardwire alert, and ACP kept trying to acquire data. Scary stuff if it was raining.

I use the boltwood setting in my preferences.

How can I confirm its the AAG?. I feel it is the new AAG software.