Hello Bob and everyone,

I'm in the trial stage of ACP/Scheduler and I'm close to seeing the program work, but I'm about half way through my trial. I've posted already that I have an unusual bug with my camera/ao that leads to a loss of guide star following the start of the main imager sub exposure [its that faded guide star fault]. The auto guider sub exposure calculator works correctly, but following the start of the main imager, the guider function is paused for 4-5 seconds, and when it restarts, guide star is registered as faded - but I can see it dead centered. At this stage, if I manually stop-start the autoguider in the maxim interface, the guiding starts and works correctly!

Some are thinking this is a fault associated to a "timeout" fault of the STXL+AOL, but I am not sure about that.

My question is: is it possible to add code somewhere in the ACP scripts to automate this stop-start of the guider after the main imager has started - with say a 6 second delay after the commencement of the main sub exposure?

I have so basic script writing skills it would make people laugh, so I'm even happy to pay for the script edit if that was the case.

Thank you for reading.