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    Default Color in my Scheduler web page

    With so many projects I find it hard to tell when something fails, how much is done and when it is done. The numbers are there but it is like driving the same road everyday. It all looks the same until someone has crashed and there are people and cars everywhere in one spot. The browser web page is that way so I wanted to find a easier way to find things. My main items are when a project is completed or getting close. When a project is getting close I tend to update the priority a bit so I can do the post process on it soon. Then there is when they fail and I need to give them some attention. So the solution was easy and with a little bit of java script know how and basic html, the status.asp file was the target.

    if a project was greater than 80 percent done but under 100, make it yellow. This was a little light of a color or I picked orange. If it was equal to 100 percent make it green. This was just a simple IF ELSE statement. Then I replace a variable that defines a <TD> tag with the actual string for <TD> and added a style. I also used a font style to make it stick out more. Anyway, the status.asp was the only file in the SC folder that needed this.

    I attached the image of my screen.
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