Hello everyone,

I'm working my way through the trial period trying to understanding ACP and the important scheduler function of picking projects and when to run its plans. On the main scheduler page I have the dispatcher set to "Prefer Meridian" and "Prefer failed Plans":


During this testing time, I have my targets set with few constraints so I can understand, or try to understand what is going on with the dispatcher decision process. I have also read the 2006 scheduler PDF [nearly killed me], to try and help understand how selection basically works.

The dispatcher is seemingly working well for luminance, maintaining an excellent geometry pointing around the zenith for captures, however, for RGB, I would prefer these to be taken between 45 degrees and say 80 degrees of altitude. I have a good load of test plans in place to keep the dispatcher busy throughout the night, but can I persuade it to consider these lower altitude targets?


I have all targets set to Sky: "Good", and my average priority is 5.


For RGB, I have posted another thread on understanding the Air Mass constraints [Here]. I am wondering if I can use this Air mass calculator to define altitudes to constrain Red, Green and Blue filter exposures? Like:


In the above image, I am wondering if I have the air mass constraints in backwards = low to high?

These were skipped last night. To force these to happen, should I raise the Priority from 5 to 10 [for example]?

Or, if I'm just not getting this constraint tool for air mass, and it wont work like this, can someone please provide their preferred way of capturing RGB? I just don't wont to loose precious zenith imaging time to the colour subs.

Thank you for your time.

Steve Mohr