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    Default Automating Flats to match Image Position Angles?

    Hey folks,

    This may be something I need to wait for until I buy my licence to see the various add-on scripts, but is there a way to have the scheduler flat txt files read the filter and rotator position angle from your plans so that you do not need to manually change the flat settings constantly? Not a huge issue but if there is a way to streamline that, it would be nice.


    Jim Morse

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    Not yet, sorry.
    -- Bob

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    FWIW, Taking flats for a rotate position is really to take care of dust donuts on a filter only. Also, for now you could take flats at given angles and store them in a folder name like Flats_90, Flats_120. Flats are not usually needed every night unless you are doing science. I do my flats on cloudy nights, of course I a have a light panel so that helps. I would try taking flats at 0 and then apply them to images at another angle, you might be surprised. If dust is on the filter, that is easy to fix with cleaning when on site.
    Dean Salman
    Deep Sky Remote Observatory



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