Hey folks,

Be gentle, I am an ACP beginner, just getting started in remote observing from NMSkies. I have everything set up and working properly, including working through my first Scheduler multi-night project, so all that is great (as is the software). Only thing I have not been able to get to work is email alerts. I am trying to run this through my gmail account. I have set it up as follows:

From Address: jkmorse57@gmail.com,ACP Scheduler [jkmorse57@gmail.com is my normal email address]
To Address: jkmorse@jimmorse-astronomy.com [my back-up email through my website which dumps into my gmail account]
SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com:465
SMTP User Name: jkmorse57@gmail.com
SMTP Password: [my gmail account password]

I have tried doing this with and without 2 step authentication. However each time i try to send a test email, I get the following notice:

Email failed: Failure sending mail
Unable to read data from the
transport connection:
net_io_connection closed

I tested this with techsupport at NMSkies and they report the problem is not on their end and that others are successfully using email alerts without NMSkies needing to do anything. So clearly this is user error, but I don't know enough to begin to figure out where I went wrong.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Morse