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    Default AO-X bin settings

    Hi Bob...
    Where are the settings for AO-X binning for Locate and for Track? The obvious settings on the Maxim side do not 'stick'. I haven't found any settings in ACP Preferences for guider/AO-X binning. The issue is that ACP sometimes says there is no guide star when clearly one is available. An earlier post correctly points out that settings in Maxim Camera Control Guide tab, settings button, binning have no effect on similar settings in AO Control

    This problem has to do with the guide star acquisition process I've witness on my system. ACP does the following:
    1. Locate: exposure 5 seconds, bin 1; there is no obvious place to set binning, but I believe the exposure setting comes from ACP guiding preferences
    2. Locate again, but with 0.05 seconds, bin1; this is where the guide star is potentially not seen which leads to guiding failure. I think the 0.05 corresponds to the maximum track time set in ACP guiding preferences; again, I've no idea where the binning gets set buit it would be better if my setting of 3 were maintained to give the short 0.05 second exposure half a chance of succeeding.
    SBIG AO Control - changes to binning in Locate tab only "stick" if you click start afterwards. To test this, change binning, go to another tab and return. Binning reverts to prior value. Not sure if this matters, but it is strange and undocumented as far as I can tell.

    Using latest build of MDL v6
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