I bought a Takahashi EM-200 Temma 2M for portable use and I have a question about ACP's stopping tracking feature. After trying the ASCOM Temma for Takahashi driver provided by Chuck Faranda, I decided to try the EM-200 driver that is native to The SkyX. It seems to work well except for errors I would get saying the tracking was off. I noticed the error in both Focus Max and ACP. The error I saw ACP provide mentioned that it was a Hardware error and not an ACP error. (I wish I could come up the exact wording but I didn't find that mentioned in the logs) I did some research and quickly found out that the Temma system doesn't allow turning the tracking on or off. The driver that Chuck provides fixes that and the obvious solution is to use Chuck's driver, but I found the pointing of The SkyX driver was very accurate. Focus Max would go off to focus and come back with sub 1 arc-min accuracy. It'd be nice to utilize that accuracy.

So I have two questions.

1. Is anyone using the native EM-200 driver in The SkyX with ACP with success?

2. (This is for Bob) What does ACP do in this situation, will it continue to work away even though it can't
stop or start tracking or will it stop with an error and I'm required to use the Temma for Takahashi driver?