If what you show is the entire filter set, then your C14 is probably not going to be able to do planets (in our solar system, anyway!) especially with a high-sensitivity camera with a mechanical shutter. The C14 gathers serious light (I have one).

If you have or can put in a H-alpha filter, that works. I've taken extraordinary pictures of the moon with a C11 + ST-8 in H-alpha. No chromatic aberration, that's for sure. Otherwise, video is the way to go. Christopher Go [ http://astro.christone.net/jupiter/ ] uses a C14 for his famous Jupiter imaging.

But with a big mirror, sensitive camera, and broad-pass filters, I doubt you'll be able to spread out the light enough to take 0.1-sec planetary images. You should be able to image and resolve other moons, though, even if the planet itself saturates its pixels.