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    Default Maxim DL or FocusMax hangs and ACP keeps running.

    Hi Bob,

    Last night I had a run of a few targets and ACP did its job, but at about 2 in the Morning MaxIm DL hung up at the point a filter was changing. It had changed filters a number of time earlier in the run. I am certain it is not an ACP problem. However the session did not shut down and the MX mount continued to track. I stop the run manually. I doubt that the mount would suffer any damage if it tracked until it hit something as it has in the past without damage. I was wondering if you have any control in ACP for when MaximDL stops working,or hangs? I am thinking ACP is waiting for MAXIM DL and ACP would not know of any issues. Any suggestions: I understand this is not likely a ACP issue. Perhaps it was the Planewave focuser not focusing?

    FYI MX Mount, MAXIM DL 6, QSI 640 WSG8 camera, Planewave focuser. I have experienced running full nights before without issue. Maybe it is a random thing and will not return. I attached the LOG file.

    Leo Heiland
    Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

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