As of a few nights ago (first clear night in awhile), I have started having the following issue with ACP: it will connect to and command the telescope to slew (CGEM mount via NexRemote), but will not report the correct pointing of the telescope. That is, the slew will occur and NexRemote will show the RA-Dec slewed to, but the display in ACP never changes. Also, the internal pointing vector apparently doesn't update either, since plate solves report positions farther and farther away from the true position. So it's not just a display issue. I'm connected to the scope via USB-serial connector and I have checked that connection, but since NexRemote reports correctly, I imagine the problem must be occurring internally between NexRemote and ACP. I also tried changing the virtual COM port that NexRemote uses to no avail. I haven't tried rolling back Windows updates received in the past few days (I'm on Windows 8.1, which has been working reliably until recently), but I have tried rebooting and shutting down and restarting to no success. Would you recommend that I first try rolling back recent updates?