I'm working with my daughter's school to design a remote observatory.

We plan on having a widefield telescope with a colour CCD and a narrowfield telescope with a monochrome CCD on one mount.

I am aware that ACP does not deal with multiple telescopes at once. I have seen a post were you said that ACP, Maxim, and Focusmax would need to be reconfigured and restarted to change between telescope-camera systems.

To simplify the change between telescopes, I have considered using two virtual computers running on the one physical PC? One virtual computer could be configured for each telescope-camera system and have an individual pointing model for the mount as each telescope would be slightly different in alignment. The two virtual computers would never be running at the same time - no point in trying to image through both scopes at once as their fields of view wouldn't necessarily overlap.

Would this be possible under the licence agreement for ACP? Each virtual PC would have a different IP address.

If not, I assume we will be able to come up with a scripting process to reconfigure the software programs to change between telescopes, but the virtual PCs would hopefully make the process easier for the teachers involved in the program.


David Trappett