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    Default SRO Weather Behavior - "Since" is invalid for several minutes

    I've been investigating some errors we've been seeing here recently.

    There is currently a problem where the Boltwood file ends up with the 'time since' field being incorrect. It looks like an error code from somewhere as it jumps from 00003 to 01000 in less than 20 seconds real time. That is clearly not an issue with ACP and is being investigated so it can be repaired. The Boltwood file is otherwise being updated normally as the 'Now() Days' field continues to be updated normally with reasonable values.

    When this problem occurs the SROweather script declares the information stale based on the 'seconds since' value in the file being huge and clearly > 60 seconds. It raises an error which causes messages in the ACP console window. When this happens it appears that ACP starts polling the weather as fast as it can go. I'm seeing polling rates of 6-8 times per second. When the value in the file returns to something reasonable the polling rate drops back to normal. I've got a detailed log from the weather script showing this behavior clearly which is attached.

    I'm wondering if this is the expected/desirable behavior when a weather error occurs? It seems like ACP should not exceed some maximum polling rate.
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