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    Default My remote observatory

    So for those that have not seen my setup inside, the observatory is a 16x20 foot Backyard Observatory which as a 8x16 foot warm room. My RC is on a 5 foot pier that weights about 350lbs. It is a CP 3 1200 with a GSO 10 inch RC using the AP 0.67 reducer. The camera is QSI 583 with a Lodestar X2. The observatory is 6 miles north of Cortez, CO at 7000 feet. Seeing is usually 1 to 2 arc seconds and SQM is around 22 more or less My friend has a 12 inch F/5 astrograph, forgot the name but it is a rare telescope. He uses the SLT 11000. I used APC scheduler and only image +- 2 hour angle but I capture a couple dozen images every night on some 7 or 8 objects. I have 300 objects in scheduler. Backyard Observatory makes a excellent observatory and we have the M1 system in place with sensors. Its a nice home for my telescope and it will be here many years. I have everything so well fine tuned I almost never have to come here.

    Now if I had time to process.
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